20 June 2016

New Portfolios from the Bindery

Bespoke Portfolios by Parvum Opus
A 9x12" portfolio made with a stunning block-printed Italian paper
and jaunty red book cloth. Visit the shop for details.

It's been another busy month in the bindery, and after having made many bespoke portfolios for designers and artists over the years, we've finally added them to our shop's collection. 

A view of another portfolio laid open: this one is in a blue marbled paper handmade in France. It looks so perfect with one of my desk calendar illustrations that I was tempted to make another one for myself! Visit the shop for details.

Many of our clients commission portfolios to present their work, and with so many patterns and colors available, it's easy to find the perfect paper to frame their work or design scheme.

Another version of the portfolio design, this time sized to hold invitations or half-page sized artworks. More details at the shop.

We're also introducing a 6x9" portfolio, popular for special invitations and announcements. Above and below are views from a set recently completed for a special occasion: each of twelve folios was made in a different color combination.. what fun!

Here we have papers from Japan, France and Italy, all paired with colorful Italian book cloth. A charming project. Visit our shop to learn more. 

A view of the exterior of a 9x12" portfolio: I think the book cloth
corners add a nice touch. These are available to order at our shop.

Here you can see the interior of a 9x12" folio: the hinge is flexible and so can accommodate a varied number of pages. For more information, visit our shop.

We're enjoying this new addition to our collection!